Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Her cup Runs Over!

Doing a spoof on our boss for the holidays. Our department is 13 people. Each year we do something cool for our boss, she is a neat lady! This year we are individually buying her a bottle of holiday 'Spirits.' It has been great fun to see how the bottle are growing as the day moves on:

Here is my grandbaby in her dress, she went to the Chrirstmas program with her brother. She sat perfectly still and was good as gold. Her mom told her the teacher would be watching her to be sure she would be ready to come next year to school. Karen put a post on her blog about the difficulties of toilet training her, my sis-in-law told her about the problems she had with her little girl. The secret to Katie (411) was she wanted to wear her brother's undies. She so wanted to be like him! When Brandy let her wear his undies, her problems ceased, and she was trained. Lo and behold, after her nap 2 days ago Olivia asked if she could wear Noah's undies. Karen put them on her and her 'accidents' stopped. She is now wearing Bob the Builder pull ups, but she is dry and using the potty. Here is our little princess:

My Noah is not allowing many photos this year, so no pics of him to share. He did great at his program doing all the hand gestures to go with the song, but he didn't sing. He was there with both girlfriends, Eliana and Dakotah. Quite the li'l schmoozer! Merry Christmas all of you!

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