Saturday, November 24, 2007

The natives are restless today!

We arrived safe and sound to see the grandbabies around 11pm on Thanksgiving day. Noah and Miss "O" were awake to greet us. We visited until midnight, then all turned in for the night. There was an immediate disruption, both babies wanted to sleep with Grandma, since it is polite for girls to be first, Miss O slept with me. The spare room is chilly, I purchased a mattress warmer to stick on the bed, due to the late hour, we waited until last night to put it on the bed. Wow, what a nice, cozy sleep I had last night.

Noah slept with me, he is customarily a very light sleeper, waking 4-5 times a night to wiggle, squirm, sit up, look around, maybe wander, he kicks, gets sideways in the bed, and makes it difficult to sleep. Last night he must have been extremely tired, he didn't move much at all. When I got up at 5:30 to go visit the powder room, I came back to find him awake and sitting up in bed. I pretended to not notice, or we would have been up for the day. He got his little face right up to mine, and looked really hard to see my eyes, but I kept them shut, he finally laid back down and fell asleep, only to wake at 9am. He was totally tired, but he will never give in!

We are sure enjoying our time with them, they so love their uncle Isaac, he is playing with them, there is plenty of giggling and laughter to go around.

The kids like to build 'houses' by piling pillows next to furniture to make walls, here they have the table Grandpa Carnes built them piled with pillows and blankets:

I tried to get pictures of them under the stack of things, the only one that would cooperate was Miss O:

Here is another angle, Mr. Noah Benoah's 'backside', lucky to get that:

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Only one more day

Then I get to go see Miss 'O' and Noah BeNoah. They called yesterday and told me how excited they are that I am coming, but you should have heard them when I told them UNCLE ISAAC was coming, too.

How easily they throw me aside for him, how cool is that?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I love the holidays

I anticipate the time spent with family. Steve's brother Scott has Thanksgiving at his house every year now that he is married. His house is huge, with a very nice finished basement. His wife has her family in to stay, they are such a lovely group of people. I really like her sisters and her Mom, we all mesh so well together, it is really neat to see Scott embraced by her family as if he has always been a part of her life. Even her sons treat him as though he is family. Their father must have been something.

I make the pies each year to take to the celebration, Deb is not comfortable making them, she can't make a decent crust (her words, not mine). I don't mind making the pies, it is soothing work for me, something I have done since I was a teen in my mother's restaurant. I'll make a couple pumpkin, a pecan for Isaac, a chocolate cream for Steve, and an apple raspberry. I made this pie only once, but it was a huge hit. I'd love to make another pie, but not sure what to make, any suggestions?

Isaac and I are taking off right after dinner on Thursday and heading out to see the grandbabies. I can hardly wait, it will be so fun. I'm taking my girl a pumpkin pie and cranberry muffins. They are a family favorite, a tradition for 30 years, I found the recipe in a magazine years ago in a Dr. office. We have had them every year since for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Scary late Night Calls

I just got a call from karen, Miss O is headed to the Emergency Room, she isn't breathing well. She had pneumonia last year, with outpatient antibiotics given to get her healed up. Tonight she had trouble sleeping because of her cold. Bryan heard her struggling to breathe, Karen called me shortly after to let me know she is not breathing well, they are on the way into the Er. Interesting thing is, their only hospital ER is not on their network of ER's insurance will cover.

What is wrong with employers that they do not make sure their employee's are covered with providers right there in their own town? The next nearest town with a hospital that will take care of my grandchildren is 100+ miles away for them.

Menard's sucks at taking care of their employees. I no longer shop there!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Another Book

I get the opportunity to read a book each week on Monday and Wednesday while waiting in an office. My life is too busy to take the time to sit and read, most books are consumed on my commute to work each day, I listen to them on CD while driving. It's a great way to catch up on the latest authors. However, we have a 'library' of books at work, we all bring them to share. It gives me a chance to try authors I would never give a second glance. THe book I am reading right now is by a very new author,"The Measure of a Lady" by Deeanne Gist.

It is the story of 3 children orphaned during a trip to San Francisco in 1849, their father wanted to settle there when he herd of the gold rush, but died of cholera enroute on the city. The children are left behind to make their way in the camps outside the city. There are no boarding houses or hotels for them to stay in, the oldest, a 20 year old beauty (aren't they all?) makes a deal with the 'hotel' owner in town to cook and clean for him in exchange for a place to live for her and her siblings. (Hotel owner is a loose term, he actually owned a saloon and gambling house, but for some reason only known to the author, he called it a hotel.)

Anyway, I am not finished with the book, but it has kept me interested, I like a book that does that.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Nothing new to tell

I have a bead open house at my friend Sandy's tomorrow. I have been sick all week, haven't been able to torch and make beads or jewelry, but I will go and take what I have on hand. I didn't sleep much last night. Couldn't quit coughing.

I sat up and read 1,000 White Women, you have got to read this book! The premise of the story regards a proposal in 1854 by the Cheyenne tribe. Cheyenne's culture dictated all offspring would be raised under the 'tribe' of the mother. To ensure peaceful relation between the white people and the indians, they requested 1,000 white women to take as brides. This was indeed a proposal made during the course of our history, but never came to fruition. Jim Fergus writes this book as though it did indeed happen. It is a real page turner. My interest in historical fiction is generally from the times of Lords and Ladies. I enjoyed this book immenseley, nobody is more surprised than I am.

I didn't want to go to bed, but I finally gave in, still coughed, but not as bad. Today I am dragging around with a nasty cough. I need to keep my PTO hours to go on my trip in January. It is unusual for me to get even 1 good cold per winter, this year I have already had 2 bad ones, I suppose it is because I am trying to hoard hours for my vacation.

Monday, November 5, 2007

I WON, and I don't remember entering

This weekend the weather was so pretty, I opened the whole house up to let it air out while I cleaned like a maniac. When opening the front door, I discovered a package that had been delivered via FEDEX. I couldn't remember ordering anything, I listened carefully for ticking sounds, it seemed to be safe, so I opened it. Much to my surprise, I found a pair of walking tennis shoes. I didn't know why, I signed up online to do the 60 mile breast cancer walk, so I thought maybe they sent me a good pair of walking shoes.

I called my daughter to tell her what I found, she told me we had signed up to win a free pair of shoes months ago. She won a t-shirt, I won shoes!

They are pretty comfy, I can feel the difference when we walk around the lake, I like them, they would have cost around $80/pair if I had purchased them. This is a great treat, I would never pay that much for a pair of tennis shoes for myself. I really never win anything, so was quite thrilled to get them......I am such a weirdo, so easy to thrill with a pair of tennies! Oh, they can be found at

Friday, November 2, 2007

1977 Revisited

I love when things fall out of the sky and remind you of years gone past. We thought we were so creative in 1977, the clothes, hair, furniture, etc. I got these pictures from a friend at work, it is amazing what we thought was 'innovative and stylish.'

I wonder how many languages I can say GAG in?

This was a great year for Steve and I, our daughter was born in April 1977.

JP Penney catalog cover:

Latest in Dining room furniture:

Not to mention the latest colors to decorate the bathroom:

Clothing left a little to be desired:

I am pretty sure even MONK would not wear this:

When you want to look like a total pussy:

I think this would be a good way to get your ass kicked on the play ground. Excuse my language, but I am pretty sure that this would get it done:

We didn't know about going 'green' then, but it looks like we were recycling old tablecloths:

I am so amazed that we thought this was good. I remember a powder blue suit I bought to leave the church when Steve and I got married in 1975, it was polyester, and the day was as HOT as ever. That fabric could not breathe, I was so miserable in that thing, but I thought I looked good.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

It's good to be an Ogre!

One of my co-worker's and his wife dress up as a matching something every year, I love him and Trish as Shrek and Fiona

Here they are with the kids, Puss and Boots: