Friday, November 2, 2007

1977 Revisited

I love when things fall out of the sky and remind you of years gone past. We thought we were so creative in 1977, the clothes, hair, furniture, etc. I got these pictures from a friend at work, it is amazing what we thought was 'innovative and stylish.'

I wonder how many languages I can say GAG in?

This was a great year for Steve and I, our daughter was born in April 1977.

JP Penney catalog cover:

Latest in Dining room furniture:

Not to mention the latest colors to decorate the bathroom:

Clothing left a little to be desired:

I am pretty sure even MONK would not wear this:

When you want to look like a total pussy:

I think this would be a good way to get your ass kicked on the play ground. Excuse my language, but I am pretty sure that this would get it done:

We didn't know about going 'green' then, but it looks like we were recycling old tablecloths:

I am so amazed that we thought this was good. I remember a powder blue suit I bought to leave the church when Steve and I got married in 1975, it was polyester, and the day was as HOT as ever. That fabric could not breathe, I was so miserable in that thing, but I thought I looked good.

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supermom said...

OMG, this is so darn funny!