Saturday, November 24, 2007

The natives are restless today!

We arrived safe and sound to see the grandbabies around 11pm on Thanksgiving day. Noah and Miss "O" were awake to greet us. We visited until midnight, then all turned in for the night. There was an immediate disruption, both babies wanted to sleep with Grandma, since it is polite for girls to be first, Miss O slept with me. The spare room is chilly, I purchased a mattress warmer to stick on the bed, due to the late hour, we waited until last night to put it on the bed. Wow, what a nice, cozy sleep I had last night.

Noah slept with me, he is customarily a very light sleeper, waking 4-5 times a night to wiggle, squirm, sit up, look around, maybe wander, he kicks, gets sideways in the bed, and makes it difficult to sleep. Last night he must have been extremely tired, he didn't move much at all. When I got up at 5:30 to go visit the powder room, I came back to find him awake and sitting up in bed. I pretended to not notice, or we would have been up for the day. He got his little face right up to mine, and looked really hard to see my eyes, but I kept them shut, he finally laid back down and fell asleep, only to wake at 9am. He was totally tired, but he will never give in!

We are sure enjoying our time with them, they so love their uncle Isaac, he is playing with them, there is plenty of giggling and laughter to go around.

The kids like to build 'houses' by piling pillows next to furniture to make walls, here they have the table Grandpa Carnes built them piled with pillows and blankets:

I tried to get pictures of them under the stack of things, the only one that would cooperate was Miss O:

Here is another angle, Mr. Noah Benoah's 'backside', lucky to get that:

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