Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I love the holidays

I anticipate the time spent with family. Steve's brother Scott has Thanksgiving at his house every year now that he is married. His house is huge, with a very nice finished basement. His wife has her family in to stay, they are such a lovely group of people. I really like her sisters and her Mom, we all mesh so well together, it is really neat to see Scott embraced by her family as if he has always been a part of her life. Even her sons treat him as though he is family. Their father must have been something.

I make the pies each year to take to the celebration, Deb is not comfortable making them, she can't make a decent crust (her words, not mine). I don't mind making the pies, it is soothing work for me, something I have done since I was a teen in my mother's restaurant. I'll make a couple pumpkin, a pecan for Isaac, a chocolate cream for Steve, and an apple raspberry. I made this pie only once, but it was a huge hit. I'd love to make another pie, but not sure what to make, any suggestions?

Isaac and I are taking off right after dinner on Thursday and heading out to see the grandbabies. I can hardly wait, it will be so fun. I'm taking my girl a pumpkin pie and cranberry muffins. They are a family favorite, a tradition for 30 years, I found the recipe in a magazine years ago in a Dr. office. We have had them every year since for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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supermom said...

OMG, over 30 years, ummmm, you are dating me ya know!