Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A Fun Time was Had By All

Karen has a tradition where the kids open one gift Christmas Eve, it is Christmas Jammies. They are then ready in the morning for pictures:

Noah was looking at Olivia opening her gifts, it seemed like she got so much more, but his Transformers were quite pricey. I felt bad, but he didn't seem to mind, the shouts and screams could be heard quite aways away:

Here is one of Isaac and Miss O, it is so cute:

Here she is with her head on his leg, she loves him so much!

Miss O loved her Hello Kitty Hat and gloves, they suit her:

In this one she looks tired to me:

Noah loves the holidays, but he sure can hide from the camera!

Karen, Jen and Wendy (sitting in that order) got together at our house for wine and cheese ball, we had fun! The dip sitting there is to die for!

Last one, the computer hard drive quit, Steve and Isaac took a run to get a new one, while they were installing, their supervisers were close at hand to direct, offer input, criticism and keep them on target. They can easily get distracted if Noah and Olivia didn't keep on top of them, you just can't get good help these days!!!:


Deanne said...

Wow you didn't tell me about your hospital stay!! You should have called me and I would have come and sat with you! I know how scary that heart rate thing is, I went through that when I got sick.
Take care and let me know how your echo turns out.
Love ya.

supermom said...

love those pics of miss o and her hat, you gotta send me that one.