Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Karen!!!

I did the Omaha Bead Bazaar show yesterday, it was great to see some old friends there. I love some of the work, people are so dang creative.

Karen turned 33 yesterday, got a bouquet of flowers from her Bestie as she calls her. Jen Melton Cullen, great girl.

Olivia got her ears pierced today, she told everybody about it but me.......even told grandpa when he answered the phone, but must have gotten tired of the story by the time she got to me. She was proudest that she didn't cry. It must have helped that the woman that pierced them talked to her first. That woman had a 3 yr. old daughter that had hers done. Olivia must have thought a 5 year old surely shouldn't cry!!! She got to the mall and decided that she wasn't going to do it, but the lady talked to her and made her braver. haha. She is my dress and shoe girl, not so much into toys. Now I can buy her earrings. That will be so neat. I got her a Hello Kitty charm for her Pandora bracelet as this is a special occasion.

I remember when I wanted mine done, I had to be 16. Now kids are getting it done in the delivery room! Times change.

Not much else to tell, birthday is next week. Karen and I are 20 years apart. She was born 6 days before my 20th birthday. It seems so weird, now 20 seems so young. SIGH.


supermom said...

Ha! Miss O! She is so excited about her ears.

Yes, 20 does seem so young anymore for a child. I guess, 20 yr olds are way more spoiled today then when you were growing up!

Aaron & Jennifer said...

I can't believe Miss O didn't cry!! I cried when I got mine pierced AND double pierced when I was a lot older than 5! HA!!! She must be one brave cookie - or they didn't hurt as bad as those nasty shots!!

Happy Birthday in a few days!! :)