Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Crutches are so YESTERDAY!!!

Are you serious? In all these years the best we can do to accomodate people after major surgery/breaks/reconstruction to foot/ankles/legs/knees are crutches? I expect the orthopedic or podiatrist to know about the latest tools available to assist a patient with their mobility after having surgery to a limb. Especially when the restriction on mobility involves No Weight Bearing (NWB)on said limb!!!

Try stairs, carrying a drink, cooking, washing dishes, sweeping, vacuuming, making the bed or anything requiring arms on crutches? It is beyond archaic! I am truly disappointed and think we could do a better job in health care making sure patients have options. And what about the health insurance?? Really, you will only pay for crutches? That bites a big one..........hehe..sorry. Off my soap box now.

I could have also been shown or told about exercises to strengthen my upper body to accommodate the use of the crutches. That wasn't done and I didn't think of it, either. I did oncology nursing, not orthopedic. That's my story, I'm sticking to it.

Today with the average person involves 40 hours a week, children and all of thier activities! It is mind boggling to think a Dr. could say with a straight face, "here's your crutches, stay off the foot for 6 weeks, take it easy". Not a clue. Not even after I explained where I work, how big our complex is, the size of the building I work in, the location of my desk and the type of work that I do. Nothing, Just crutches, 10 min. of instruction and I was out the door.

It truly is up to the patient to be informed, finding solutions that work for us, I have been searching the internet for a better solution to suit my lifestyle and needs. THis was my first choice, the IwalkFree:

DH works for a state facility that houses a Physical Therapy department. One of the employees just had major surgery to her leg involving NWB also. She could possibly put miles on her legs a day. This was explained to her Dr, she was sent home with crutches. See a pattern here? She found this:

Hubby went and rented one for me. I think my return to work tomorrow might not be as daunting as I was anticipating........can we say THANK GOD!!!!


supermom said...

oh my crap, this looks like it is for an OLD LADY, Dad needs a pic of you on this. HA, lmbo! tooo freaking funny! :)

so, does it work better for you???? lol!

JEN said...

I hope you find something that works for you....ha ha..will yours have a basket on the front? What about a bell or a horn? I'm with Karen on this...what a perfect photo opportunity!! :) :)

Cindy said...

I'm thinking that I don't want photos to document this event. The girls at work are threatening to 'pimp my ride'. I am afraid.