Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy July 4th!!!

Got up early today, went to get coffee and a drive. Ended up in the city. On our way back we took the back counry roads to see what we'd see. Ended up out by King's Crossing vineyard. We haven't been there for awhile, decided to stop in and taste a couple wines. They have gotten much better since we were there years ago. The dragon's head was on the outside of the patio to greet us. We thought they were so neat. I thought they were cement, turns out they are made of resin from Toscano Designs.

We are back home now resting, whatever virus I ended up with was a real terror. I'm glad it's worked it's way out, now maybe I can get something done.

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supermom said...

I think G'ma needs one of those for her yard.