Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Bunny left things at my house

I am a very bad Grandma, this year work has kept me so busy that I was not able to shop for my grandkids for Easter. I did that on Friday last week, finishing on Friday this week. I love the Cars crocs that I saw at Wal-Mart, they are adorable, but Noah is such an orange hound, I got him orange crocs to replace the ones I bought him last year. Karen says he is still wearing them, even though I am sure his toes are crunched up in them!

When looking for a pair of purple princess crocs for Sis, I found a Barbie car pair of crocs, I had to get them for her:

Generally, I get them new jammies, new undies, gum, and some kind of licensed outfit. I love to see Olivia in a little dress, so I got her 2, Noah 2 t-shirts. It is so fun to hear them squeal with delight when they get their box from Grandma.

Here is what I sent for Miss O:

Noah isn't going to be left out:

I love his little crocs, it was so hard to find Orange last year, I got so disgusted, this year I have seen them everywhere! He is such a spiderman fan, loves the movie Cars, so it makes it easy to keep him entertained. Sis is just now figuring out she is a girl, and she can have girl things. Before, her only point of reference was her brother, so she thought like a boy. Wanting cars, playing with cars, etc. Now she is into princesses, her favorite is Cinderella. That makes it nice for me, I love to do the girly thing.

My favorite thing I got them this year is the bug houses, they happened to have one with an orange handle, and one with a purple handle. Only one left in each color. We are big bug house people here. Steve used to make them out of wood, I would burn their names into the wood with a wood burning tool. All the kids in the family have them, except for our very own grandkids, how sad is that?

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Wendy said...

not just the grandkids on the bug houses..mine don't have them either.. we always buy the plastic ones at walmat..

the presents are so cute..too bad miss riles wouldn't figure out she is a GIRL! lol.. oh well.. gotta love them anyway..