Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Salvation Beads

Last night I got home early enough to dedicate the evening to making beads for my friend Karen. She is our daughter's namesake. Karen and her husband Ric go to Canada each year to spread the gospel to a small village.

It occurred to me that I should do something for her. Last night I made beads that tell the salvation story. Here is the way it is done:

The Salvation Bracelet Story

The GREEN bead represents how God made the world, lush and perfect. The BLACK bead reminds us of how Adam and Eve disobeyed God and sin was brought into the world. The RED bead represents Jesus Christ, Son of God, who shed his blood on the cross to pay the price for sin. The WHITE bead represents how we look to God when we accept Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and make Him Lord of our lives. The YELLOW/GOLD bead represents the streets of gold in Heaven, where we’ll be when we leave this world.

I made enough for one bracelet, and started the beads for a second one before I ran out of oxygen to supply the torch. This might take more time than I originally thought. The beads are pretty unique, I also found some small crosses and little fish to go on the clasp portion of the bracelets. They are pretty costly, so it may be something that will only go to Karen and her daughters. It is relaxing to do this kind of thing, I thoroughly enjoyed my session last night.

I didn't take them out of the kiln this morning, but will try to take pics tonight so you can see.

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supermom said...

can't wait to see what they look like!sounds like you had a good session. good thing i didn't call, i almost did!