Thursday, August 27, 2009

EDITED:::::Sale/Kindergarten/Tasty Kitchen: The new Allrecipes type site

I got a great deal on my Angel by Thierry Mugler perfume at The Perfume Spot....10% off, and free shipping on an order over $79!!! is good.

My Noah Benoah starts his first day of Kindergarten today! I am so happy, but sad. Once they start school it seems they are gone just like that!!!

Check out Pioneer Woman's new site for recipes, TASTY KITCHEN. I have joined, slowly adding all of my recipes there. Here's a link to my recipes: Tasty Kitchen Recipes for Cindy

I have been slowly adding all of my recipes onto that site, hopefully I will have a place to go, I hate having to find them all over the house, in magazines, recipe files, etc. This will keep them all in one spot. Karen often calls me or I call her when I am out shopping, I ask her to look up a recipe and tell me the ingredients so I can get them before I go home. It works great. This site is a lot better than All recipes, I can actually edit if I need to, and I can add my photos. I was surprised how many pictures I have of my recipes!!!

I like it because you can edit your own recipe if needed. Sometimes you don't realize something needs tweaked until others rate it.

I put Marilee's Meatballs up last night, only to discover today that I forgot to put the sauerkraut in the recipe..........LORD. I had the ability to go back and change it.

Leslie I am thinking of you,'s a cyber hug!

Miss O had her 2nd dance class last night, she loves it! So theatrical.

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Cheryl said...

I signed up for Tasty Kitchen on the first day, then quickly abandoned it. Truthfully I didn't think about entering all my recipes there. Great idea. I get into cooking moods, but haven't been in one lately. With my daughter's sports schedule and my work schedule, it's hard to have a dinner together. I hope that changes after field hockey. In the meantime, I could eat pan-fried shrimp every day.