Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Titillating Tuesday

Hope you all have a good day today!

A rack in my closet fell to the floor. It gave us an excuse to redo that space. I purchased some hardwood flooring which Steve laid last night. He's rebuilding the closet supports, then we'll organize the items we put back in there.

We were surprised at all the storage..........but that doesn't mean it all has to go back in there. I don't do garage sales, so the items will be donated to our local spot.

Have a great Tuesday!

1 comment:

supermom said...

well, you should do a garage sale. lots of work, but it pays off. well, it pays for SAHM's like me. buys the kiddo's there clothes for the new season. too bad you didn't have a consignment shop, it would all sell like hot cakes.