Monday, May 3, 2010

Annuals vs. Perennials

Every year I hang about 8 hanging baskets and attempt to single handedly buy out all the nurseries in the area. We have a great little nursery outside of town. I love their wrought iron things and the fountains. They've got many metal scuplputures, but it's the planters and hanging baskets I covet. I like to buy hanging baskets for my big pots in front of the house, they are already well established, pull them out of the basket, VOILA! Instant pots with beautiful flowers. This year Steve talked me into planting them with a variety of things, so I did. We'll see how it looks in a month or so. I also planted the patch in front of the garage with the vinca, this year white centers with pink surrounding them and a row of all white in the center. The vinca grow like crazy, are beautiful and the hummingbirds come and hover around them.

Last year at 10pm every night the hummingbirds would surround the pot in front of the house where my bright pink wave petunias are planted. I won't see any this year because we are potting them with something different.

Steve moved the Auntie Dee Wisteria that for some reason he's named "CLARICE" to another area of the yard, it was growing so aggressively it was crawling under the shingles on the garage and trying to get thru the mortar between the bricks. He built a new 'house' for her to roam over and she's already budding out. I took a piece of her to Lori, she's got buds on hers, too. So it has survived the move.

Have some pictures to post but they will have to wait for a different day.

I saw an old classmate on Friday, he lives in California, his father passed away at age 88. It was nice to see him, but sad circumstances.

It makes me think of how little I knew some of the people I went to school with, even though most of us started out in Kindergarten together and graduated together. It's weird, I wasn't exactly a social bug then like I am now, some days I catch myself coming and going with it all....... I'm not sure I really missed out after witnessing my own kids struggle. High school years can be so trying. Mine were spent working in our family business after school, the rest of the evenings were spent doing my chores, then studying. I guess I was too busy to notice I was missing out or that life kind of passed me by.

I wish that I had known some of them better because I see them now as such fine people. I send heartfelt prayers and thoughts of comfort to you, Dale and family.

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supermom said...

i thought her name was "Clarice"? LOL!