Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Antique Shops Walnut, Iowa

A couple weeks ago Steve and I visited a B&B and a winery for my birthday. We drove through Walnut, it's a tiny town in Iowa that has made a niche for itself with antique shops. They also have a delightful bakery on the corner of town. While we sat and had a pastry and coffee we noticed many of the town people coming in to get fresh bread. I commented to one of the ladies. She told me she lives right up the block from there and could smell the bread. The nearest town for groceries was 15 minutes away. She became accustomed to the fresh bread and couldn't buy it from the store anymore. If she ever moves she'll be in trouble!

When roaming around we found this neat piece of furniture in one of the shops. It came out of a Dr's office. WE have a friend that owns an old house that this would be perfect for. Her house at one time was used as the Dr's office in that town. Her bathroom was the pharmacy. There's a tiny little door that has a lock on it I believe that held the narcotics.

The woman in the shop was very kind and let us take photos. Joni, if you are watching, this could be yours for a mere $3500. (we were told the owner would negotiate a better price if you went up and talked to him.) If we still lived in our big old house this would have come home with us.

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supermom said...

wow, that is a cool piece of furniture at a cool price too!