Wednesday, April 27, 2011


The new Kindle is being released today. I have the 'I Wants'. I feel really silly because I just got an ipad, reasoning with my hubby that there is a free Kindle app for the iPad, saving me the expense of buying one.

Now I'm not so sure that I want to use the iPad for books. The Kindle is so small and lightweight. One of my co-workers has the Kindle and LOVES it. Sigh.

The introductory price is only $114.

I have gift cards from SWAGBUCKS to almost pay for one. What to do?? (sign up for swagbucks here on my blog to start earning points when you surf the web. You don't have to download a toolbar, I simply go to and search from there. I am amazed at how fast they add up!!!!

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supermom said...

i think you need it, books are cheaper on the kindle, plus, swagbucks is paying for most of it for you!