Sunday, April 17, 2011

Walmart to bring back fabrics

that's right, you heard it here almost FIRST.

My mom will be so delighted. Hosier Homemade, one of the blogs i follow...........I follow about 35 or more in my feed..............has his article, read it to find out what's going on. YAY........they are bringing back quite a few items. I wonder if any of them will be the ones I used to use. But honestly I have gotten out of the habit of stopping there. I do a lot of my shopping on my lunch break, I have 6 grocery stores very close to my work, 3 on the same streeet, very close to each other. Makes it nice to just go store to store and get the sales and forget about Wal-Mart and their 'price match' nightmare. Store #1965 always gives you a hassle when trying to price match. UGH!

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