Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Saw Sonny last weekend

He is doing so good, he likes his new place. He has made a ton of new friends, has read his textbook front to back 3 times, twice in the first week.

He went with us to the 1880 train, we rode it from Hill City to Keystone, it was a nice relaxing ride, saw lots of wildlife. Mule Deer and Whitetail, both are unique in their own way.

I never tire of hearing the story of Mount Rushmore or the Crazy Horse story. We saw Crazy Horse this time, it has come a long way since we went last time. I think it was 2001, the face is done, they have started blasting away the rock to make the horse head. The tools have become more sophisticated, making the work run smoother. 7 out of 10 of Korczak Ziolkowski's children work on the monument full time. It continues to be funded by private donations, there is now an investor that will match every dollar donated. That's good news, I love the way the statue is being done, with Crazy Horse pointing into the Black Hills. He said, "My lands are where my people lie buried." It gives me chills each time I think of it, I am ashamed of how we treated the indians.

I have photos to post, but will do that when I get home. Having trouble with our computer and our car. It always hits in double barrels, doesn't it?

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