Sunday, November 23, 2008

Blog giveaway

How about another one? Any ideas? Want it to be cooking related since this is close to the holidays?

Give me an idea what you want to see. WOOHOO!!!!!! I love to do this.

How about the new Paula Deen cast iron cookware? This is such a pretty thing:


Joya said...

Are you giving away something that is yours to give? Tsk tsk tsk... shame on you. You are not a good example for your grandchildren, I hope you don't have much influence over ANY children, that would mean that the younger generation will be morally corrupt.

Deanne said...

I want to see that in my cuboard!! I loved your last giveaway idea. It was fun thinking back to my first cooking experiences. How about your worste cooking nightmare?
Love ya.

supermom said...

Boy Joya, those are some pretty hateful words. My mother is a wonderful influence on my children. You need to grow up and get over this. You are ALL blowing it out of context. Do something worth while in life. Gee, the next time you make a mistake, please let us know so that we can all srutinize you over it and call you hateful nasty names. Oh, well, you know what? I don't want to waste my time on that. I know that people make mistakes and I know how to forgive.

Maybe you should go to church on Sunday and learn about forgiveness. Our heavenly father died on the cross for us. We are humans, we make mistakes.

I find it pretty damn cowardly that you come over here and make a rude comment and don't even bother to allow us to come to your blog. Get a stinking life lady! Um, geeze how old are all you peole. GET OVER IT, SHE APOLOGIZED PROFUSELY FOR WHAT SHE DID. What on earth else do you want from her.

Peace OUT JOYA! tuck your tail and run!