Sunday, November 23, 2008

I love the holidays

I am up late tonight prepping everything for the holiday. We'll soon be visiting our kids. I made the pie crust, the pumpkin pie filling, ground the cranberries for the muffins, zested the oranges, chopped the nuts and measured all the flour for the muffins. This in preparation to go see the kids. It's 7 hours to Isaac, then 7 hours to Karen. We'll visit then leave on Friday to take Isaac back to school. He'll be back soon enough for Christmas. He is homesick really bad. I miss him, it will be good to see him and have a good visit with Noah and Miss O.

Cleaning house tomorrow, been doing laundry and running around all day today.

Have a good Thanksgiving if I don't get back here.

GO PIONEER WOMAN, she and I get ready for holidays by preparing and organizing early. I Love that!!!!!!!!!!!

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