Monday, November 23, 2009

Pumpkin pie, Holiday and Thanks

I'll be off to get Sonny tomorrow.

I've baked Mike's pumpkin pie, I'll deliver it to him at work tomorrow along with a cool whip for topping. He enjoys getting one to share with the neighbors on Thanksgiving. I have made him a pie every year since we started working together (2001??) . He's always speechless and not very gracious. I mean that with all the sincerity in the world, you have to KNOW Mike to appreciate that remark. He's my most favorite person in the world to poke and pick at..........he takes it all in good stride. I've adopted him to be my brother. SHHH!! Don't tell him, we want him around to enjoy the holidays.

Here's my masterpiece, they always look best when it is a pie you aren't taking for your own family to allow them to see your pie making skills. (or so it seems)

While on our trip to Arkansas with my dear in laws Steve got me a Pandora bracelet. I just LOVE it, I've gotten birthstones for all the family members, Eeyore, a giraffe, my favorite animal on the ark, a snake because my grand kids love to chase them in the yard. A 'mother' charm because I think that defines your greatest accomplishment in this world, esp. if the children turn out good!!!! An owl for my baby girl who is such a 'hoot', a to go coffee mug because I am a fan of mochas, lattes and cappuccinos.

It has ballet slippers for my little 'performer' Miss O. It's a ton of fun getting charms for it, I've worn it almost daily since I got it. Thanks STEVE!!!!

I wish I could have gotten a better photo of Eeyore, he has a gold bow on his rear end, it cracks me UP!!!! I collect hearts so I have a gold heart on there, and a pumpkin, we were in Arkansas in Oct. so that one is to remind me the time we spent with Jim and Joyce, they are so special to us all the time. So happy we could spend a week with them on that bus trip.

Thursday we'll give a special "What/Who I am thankful for" prayer to Kim, Kevin, Pattye, Pete R, Sharon, Barry, Chadd, Linda, Betty, Scott, Mark, Marc, Paul and Lianne.

I am so thankful for healthy grand kids, sisters Michelle and Wendy, Riles, the 3 Study kids, and most of all my good friends, they're the strongest of all because they put up with me for 3 days in Tucson every year many years in a row, Feb. 2010 will soon be included. Matt, Aimee and Sandy, I'm sorry......naw, not really!!! Let's don't forget RHONDA who endured all of our antics...she was the sturdiest of all because she was expecting her last little boy during that trip, we didn't make her sick ONCE!!!

Oh and my newest most delightful friend RUTH. I love her open honest personality. What I love most is she plays no games, shoots from the hip and leaves no question where you stand. Without all that you can get down to the business of enjoying each others company and becoming good fast friends. I adore her already and we've only known each other a short time.

Lastly my hubby and those 2 children I am most proud of, thanks for putting up with your crazy wife and your lunatic MOM.

If you're wondering why all this 'mush' is coming early, I'll be traveling most of tomorrow and Wed. When I get home I'll spend the rest of Wed. baking, Friday I'll be traveling again, I won't have time to post!!!

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