Monday, October 15, 2007

Busy Weekend

Steve and I decided we were going to stay home this weeeknd and relax on Saturday. On friday night I zoomed home, did all of my cleaning, laundry, dusting, etc. so it would not loom over my head for the coming weekend. We stopped by the coffee shop to visit Charles and Cindy, had a little dinner, then came home.

Steve was browsing his Chips and Chats woodcarving magazine while I folded laundry, he found there was a carving show in Omaha on Saturday. The plans to relax flew out the window. Instead, Saturday we jumped out of bed in the rain, drove into Omaha, clear out West to see the show. One of the gals I graduated with used to do the show, her work is known all over the world. Tammy Wynette used to collect Desiree's pieces. Desi wasn't at the show, so we browsed around and left. Steve had a gift certificate to the Woodcarving shop, so we headed up there so he could spend it. I love the store, I look all over at the wood, the pen kits, the power tools, the books, etc. HE made his choices, we got Isaac a few things for his birthday next month, and left.

We stopped at Applebee's for lunch. They have this new Quesadilla Burger, we had that and it is great, a LOT greasy, but it was OK, I couldn't eat it all anyway.

Next we had to go get the groceries, my least favorite thing, and off to get a new toilet seat and a new blind for the living room. We fell into our chair about 5pm. I started to bake chicken for soup on Sunday. We had a steak on the grill for supper later.

I was planning on torching all day at Sandy's for the two projects mentioned in my last post, so I had to go pack all my tools and glass into the car. that took me an hour or so, the toolbox was full of glass that had to be put back onto the shelves, and then I had to pack glass for the different beads we were making for the children.

Sandy had a DVD for us to watch regarding the Beads of Courage project. It brought tears to my eyes, and all the other girls that were there. The kids get a purple glass heart bead when they complete their Chemo, so I spent the day working on them. I stink at using the little thin pieces of glass to draw designs on the beads, so I focused on making designs all day. It was a ton of fun. The food was great, Sandy's son works at Newman's Pasta Cafe in Omaha located in Lakeside Plaza. He made us a dish from there, it was bow tie pasta (my favorite) with a creamy pesto sauce, with mushrooms and chicken. It's called Italian Basil Pesto. Deelish!

The session lasted until 6pm, after we cleaned up our glass shards and benches, we visited for an hour or so. I got home at 8pm, (I left our house) at 7:30 in the morning. It was rainy and drizzly, so I took a hot whirlpool bath to warm up before I got comfortable. Watched "Brothers and Sisters" and turned in, the weekend was over before I knew it. Next weekend I will practice making meringue bones for the Halloween Spooktacular at Michelle's.

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