Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I miss my grandkids on holidays

Even though I really am not that big of a Halloween fan, I miss the babies being here. We never did go all out for this one, but the kids did dress up and 'go out' around the neighborhood. We carved a pumpkin and put it out, but didn't decorate and go crazy like so many other people do.

I sent the kids an outfit this year, I thought they fit their personalities perfectly. Olivia put hers on so Karen could send grandma a picture, but Noah wouldn't, he doesn't like pictures all that much. Here she is, such sweetie.

This one she looks like she's tugging on her pants, I got her some of those legging type pants to go under her skirt. I thought they could wear their outfits to daybreak today. This is a 3 hour break that Karen and Bryan enroll the kids in, it is set up in a church, the kids go for 3 hours while Karen does her grocery shopping or whatever she wants or needs to do, it has made a huge difference in her home life. It is difficult at best to get all things done with the kids, they are pretty active. Steve and I had them for a week while the kids went to Disney, we were worn out completely at the end of that week, but had so much fun!

Karen will try to get Noah's outfit on him for a photo today. He is my shy one, Olivia runs to the camera to ham it up, esp. if Karen tells her it is coming to Grandma. I'm her favorite, you know how much I hate that????

Noah turned 4 yesterday, karen offered him a pizza party, or she would make him an orange dinner. He picked the orange dinner, I think she got pretty creative. You can buy bread from grocery store bakeries tinted in different colors. I have had them tint the bread purple for Olivia and orange for Noah before. Karen had her store do orange for Noah, she made grilled cheese, there are pictures on her blog.

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