Saturday, October 27, 2007

Halloween Spooktacular is making me TIRED!

Just finished up with the last of the Creepy Witch's Fingers. It is late, around midnight. My little sister, Michelle came over to help me get my treats made for the party. I can't make just one thing, of course, I find all these neat things on the internet,then I overdo it and go crazy. HA! Here are the Witch's fingers, no self respecting witch would be caught dead without her nails properly painted. Recipes for Halloween can be found HERE.

My favorite thing is the Chocolate Mice I found on All, I thought it would be great, there is no baking to do, so it would go easy..........HAHA, they weren't easy, but worth the effort. If I could find an easy way to get the tails and the eyes to stick on, it would have been a cake walk, but the eyes kept falling out, and the tails did, too. We thought they were cute, and worth sharing:

I made eyeballs last year, they are neat, a little work, but so fun when they are all done. I didn't get as anal with the painting this year, it is so late and I am so tired, but they are OK.

The last thing I will make is Mummy Toes, they are cocktail wieners wrapped in breadsticks, with a little almond slice sticking on the end of the wienie to make it look like a toenail. I think they will be neat, but they have to be done right before the party. We'll see, if I do, I promise a photo.


Deanne said...

You did an awesome job on your treats, especially the mummie toes they were the best and so popular! I envied you doing the Bugsmeade Bartender part, I know it was a lot of work but you pulled it off so well! I think next year will be even more fun.
Love ya

grandmacarnes said...

Oh, No, you pulled the WITCH off perfectly, I couldn't believe how you transformed yourself, it was so cool to see you walking all over! The kids were so intrigued.

Parrott Flameworks said...

OMG! Looks like you guys had a blast for Halloween!!!
I can't wait till you guys have another bead get together! I seen Deneen's beads and they were TDF..of course :)