Monday, April 21, 2008

We're back

The trip to visit Job Corps was long! We had a nice stay in an Americinn, compliments of Karen's corporate discount. Then we went on to check out the site, what an amazing place! I think Isaac will flourish there, the computer program he is interested in is an amazing thing.

The grandbabies were happy to see us, we got there pretty late on Friday night. So, Saturday morning, we took them out to breakfast. They both got rainbow pancakes, it was so cute to watch them. Noah ate all his pancakes, Olivia ate all her bacon, and Noah's!

We played Ladder Ball in the yard, went for walks and just had a good visit. Bryan came home and cooked us steaks on the grill. It was a nice, but short visit!

We took a side trip to the coffee shop, the kids got flavored pop, the adults got lattes. It was such a nice time. It seems like the impromptu visits are less intense when we show up without a plan and wing it. The babies sure had a good time, they soaked up the hugs and kisses.

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