Thursday, May 1, 2008

Having a bad week

I am having such a bad week. Started out when a woman in the parking lot at Hobby Lobby took the passenger side mirror off my car, it will now have to get an estimate and be taken into the shop for repairs, which means I will have to rent a car.

Then I have something wrong with my right eye. I have an eye appointment tomorrow at 4pm. I just hate getting new glasses, picking out the frames is the worst part for me, I can't see what I am trying on! HAHA!

I have a show this weekend for my lampwork beads and jewelry. I didn't get to set up tonight because I didn't get the email until 10am today telling me that we were supposed to set up tonight. HRMPH! I live 45min. away, which means I would have had to drive home, get my stuff, then drive back to Omaha, then drive back home. With gas at $3.35/gal. I don't think so! I'll set up tomorrow on my lunch break. WHATEVER! I have not done the spring open house at the Hot Shops Art Center before, usually we are at the Kansas City Bead Blast. This year we had some folks on over time at their real jobs. THey couldn't get time off work, it was too much to drive all the way to KC. We are at home doing a show, which should be fun.

I would love to get a good picture of the bracelet I strung tonight, it is pretty, I love teal and purple together. I'll see what I can do.

I love the purple and the silver rings. I also have a few bracelets, since it is dark, I couldn't get a good photo, but here is an idea.


supermom said...

PRETTY bracelets. i am glad this week is over, it has been a rough one!

JEN said...

I love your bracelets! I also like purple and teal together!! Sorry you had a rough week...that sucks about the lady hitting you...WTF!
You did however, crack me up with your glasses story. I also hate getting frames for the same reason. Plus, I'm so indecisive it isn't even funny!