Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Karen and Miss O on Noah's Field Trip

Yesterday Karen took Miss O and they went on Noah's field trip with him at preschool. I remember I did this with Karen's 2nd grade class, I took about 7 kids, they were all very well behaved. They wanted to take pictures with my camera, that kept them occupied the whole trip, making sure whose turn it was and who was next. I really enjoyed it.

Miss O went along, she was so excited, at the end of the trip, she got to ride the bus with the kids in his class. She felt pretty special.

Here they are, all of them in the class:

Here is Noah and his little girlfriend, he heard blondes are more fun:

Here is Miss O hamming it up with her brother:

Here is Miss O with one of the munchkins, they are the same height!!!:

The last one is her and Dorothy, looks like the Wizard of Oz exhibit was the funnest:

I love getting pictures of them, it is a rare thing anymore to get them sent to me via email. I love it, a nice surprise.

Blogger is so irritating, I have edited this 10 times to get the spacing right, I give up!!!


supermom said...

Since when is Miss O blonde. That is Noah's little girlfriend!

grandmacarnes said...

No, I couldn't get the spacing to come out right, blogger wouldn't let me, I tried again. Sorry for all the space between photos, but you can now tell which caption goes with the photo.