Thursday, May 29, 2008

Life and constant change

The paperwork is done, Isaac will soon be off on his new life adventure at Job corps. I hope he can find his way.

My best friend is dying of cancer, it is hard to see, I have known her since our kids were really little. She's been one constant in my life. We started out perfect strangers, and have ended up being very good friends over the years. At least for 28. I asked her once, why did you pick me as a friend when you had all those nurses we worked with, I was a goofy, high strung, set the world on fire new grad. I drove you crazy, she is so laid back and I am so not. She told me I had a good heart, a sweet spirit and she felt good when she was around me, because I laughed and had a good time, no matter how hard the day was, or what life was tossing at me, I rose above it, determined to conquer all.

I hope my blog is a fun place to be, when my life gets complicated, I have a few people that I can turn to.

I wish everybody could have a friend like Sandy. She is closer to me than anybody I know. She's the first one to take my side when I need a defender, she's the one that sees the good in me even when I don't even know if I am good. She loves me like a sister. I am so thankful that I have her in my life. She is somebody I can call and vent to, she never judges me. She understands me on a level that nobody else does. Well, except Steve. They both know my heart, my struggles, my strengths and my weaknesses. They both love me unconditionally, even when I am not so loveable, they are still there for me. If you don't have somebody in your corner like them, you are truly missing out. I thank God every day for them both.

Sandy is also available at any time, when I call, she is right there to listen, even if it is 11pm and we talk for 2 hours, she listens.She's a true peach of a gal. We have had more than one evening where we spent hours on the phone handling the newest tragedy.

Lucky for me, Sandy has 2 sisters that I adore, we all get along really good. They have adopted me as a sister, we have been to KC together for the weekend, we've done a few shows together with our beads and jewelry. Their Mom is great, she used to babysit my daughter when she was younger. When her husband was dying of cancer at the hospital where I work, I sat with them quite often, checking on them when the days got longer for them.

What I am trying to say is, everybody needs a good, strong support system. It is important to your well being, I hope for all of you that you have good people in your lives that will support you and love you. Thanks Steve, Sandy Brenda, Donna and Gay.

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