Friday, May 2, 2008

Cleaning jewelry

I was told by my friend that works in a bead store to clean my jewelry by putting it in a rock tumbler with a little warm water, a couple drops of soap and stainless steel shot.

Last night I did 4 batches, tumbled for about an hour each. The jewelry, was immediately clean and shiny.

It worked so well I did all of my clasps and silver beads that I have in my supplies to make jewelry. The stuff all looked brand new, shiny and ready to be incorporated into whatever I want.


supermom said...

do you remember my rock tumbler? and all the rocks i wanted to find and clean and treasure. i just remembered it was really loud and the rocks weren't that pretty!

grandmacarnes said...

Your dad was just talking about it last night. HAHA, we tumbled rocks for a LONG time!