Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What a week

Went to Dubuque to ride the paddle boats down the Mississippi. It was very relaxing. However, it is also tiring to do back to back trips just a week apart.

The trip to Galena, Illinois was fun. The town is very unfriendly with their parking. The place gets completely packed with people, the parking is limited, there are signs all over that you are limited to 3 hour parking. So, at the end of 3 hours, are you supposed to move your car? MOVE IT WHERE? If you don't, they put a parking ticket on your windshield. It is $15 if you pay it in 7 days, but $30 if you don't. We won't be returning to Galena any time soon. That put a big damper on our day. Sad thing is, we spent $600 in that little town. I wouldn't recommend people go there. Lots of other tourist places that would treat their tourists better.

The interesting thing was, the car that parked right next to us with Illinois plates didn't get a ticket. I think they target the out of state cars. I did write the town council a letter to tell them that very thing.

My car was in the shop for a week. They finally got a new wheel for it, the total was just over the $500, so of course it was too little to turn it in to insurance. What a bummer. It is good to have the car returned and in good working condition.

This weekend I have a little show in Glenwood, the nursing home where Mom is staying asked me to put my glass beads out on a table there. It will be fun. I'll also make some bread and cookies for their bake sale.

The grandbabies both started pre-school. Olivia yesterday, Noah today. They go from 8:15-11:00. Olivia had a great time, Noah will, too. He has 2 little girlfriends there. It is too cute.

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