Tuesday, February 10, 2009

250th post

WOOHOO, when Karen first suggested I start a blog, I had no idea what I would talk about. Not that I don't have problems talking, but you know what I mean?

Off to see the grandbabies soon.

We had a pick up truck try to 4 wheel up our bank last night. They didn't make it all the way up, their truck either didn't make it or they had trouble. This resulted in our back yard sustaining some damage from the truck backing down the hill, then driving out of our yard. That really makes me crabby. Last summer somebody drove right through our front yard, around the garage and up the bank.

What is wrong with people that think it is OK to drive onto private property and damage my yard???

We called the police, they were there in 10 minutes, but of course the truck was gone.

I couldn't sleep when the incident happened, I was on the computer. I heard this terrible rattling muffler. I looked out the window to see them parked under the overpass. They were all out of the truck looking it all over. I have no idea what was going on, but it was irritating.


supermom said...

it is probably that naughty boy that lives up behind you! some people have zero respect. although, i do recall Uncle Mike and I going up that hill a time or two, but no house was on that property at the time. :O)250 posts, congrats, how about a giveaway. maybe another paula deen's kids cookbook, sice you sent mine to Canada! :O(

Dirtbikes and Divas said...

Don't you just want to go out and give them a piece of your mind? We had someone go down our ditch and he peeled around trying to get out and finally came up and went on out through our driveway, mind you this is while we stood in the driveway watching him. No stopping to apologize. Worst part is I am afraid to say anything for fear that they will retaliate and do something worse!! Have a safe trip North and of course spoil those babies like crazy!!

Wendy said...

yep..i can say i have been up (and down) that hill a time or two..no house of course.
congrats on the 250th post.

Cheryl said...

Great blog, Cindy. Thanks for stopping by mine and leaving a comment. I know there's hope with my daughter in the future. Every time she tells me she hates me, I tell her I know she doesn't.

I'm putting you in my Reader, so I'll be back. Can't wait to check out your recipes.