Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ryka Shoes


Remember when I won these? I have a rattle in the heel of the left shoe, it sounds and feels like I am walking on crystals when I wear them, esp. when I put my full weight on them. They also make a 'flipping or clicking' sound when I walk. I noticed this when I wore them over the weekend. I rarely wear them because I have another pair of shoes that I wear.

I contacted the company, the return email was interesting. It felt like they thought I was trying to pull a fast one on them. I am disturbed by the attitude. I will return them because I feel like the shoe should be investigated for the root cause of the problem. I am out nothing, I just thought they might want to know. I guess not. But I am still packaging them up at my expense and will ship them back. I was thrilled I won them.............................now, not so much.


Dirtbikes and Divas said...

You should call until you get someone who is helpful, I think sometimes it's the luck of the draw. If someone's having a bad day...well, misery LOVES company!!! I loved my RYKA shoes I used to own! I too, had a shoe problem I will share with you.... One of Big T's friends was over and I was telling him how much I liked his new shoes and he told me his dad gave them to him because when he walked they squeaked to which I replied mine do that too....to which he replied "we decided he's too fat, that's why they squeak." HMMMMMMM
so my butt is as big as it looks? :) Anyhow, good luck with the shoes!

supermom said...

oh NO, what did they say to you?

Cheryl said...

Bad customer service from them. It shouldn't matter that you won them...they should want you to be happy so you can tell everyone you know how great their product is.