Monday, February 16, 2009

We are BACK!!

I so enjoy the times with my grandkids. Miss O and her dancing, singing and high energy personality. Noah with his steady, quiet pondering. They are so different, it is such fun to see them and watch them grow.

We made the heart shaped cookies for Noah's class treats. Hopefully Karen will post a photo, she took quite a few of the process. They look so decadent, but are not that difficult to accomplish. Karen was delighted to find out she can do it, too. The thing the kids like the best is that their names are written on THEIR cookie. It is so little work, but yields such a big reward for them. We also made bite sized ones and delivered them to her neighbors, along with 'named' ones for the neighbor kids. Karen got phone calls thanking her for the special treats.

We made Pioneer Woman's Wild rice and corn bake, and her crash potatoes, and the Raspberry Almond Pound Cake. We put whipped cream on the pound cake and then added some raspberries with the natural syrup it was in, but it was a little bland. Next time I might make a sauce with the raspberries to drizzle over the cake. I always make each recipe exactly as stated the first time, but tweak it if I make it again.

I am troubled that the woman she sits for who doesn't take her son in for an ear infection. The mother is a nurse, she told Karen that the infection didn't require anitibiotics because the little boy had holes in his eardrums and the meds wouldn't work..........he laid on Karen's lap all through church and rested his head on her shoulder. Clearly he isn't feeling well. What is wrong with that woman???? I just shake my head.

I am back at work today, hit the floor running with 111 emails to answer, along with meetings to attend. The break was well worth it. Steve and I are planning a trip to the gym tonight, I think it will help energize us. I have a hard time convincing him of that.

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