Monday, March 22, 2010

Build a Bear Mall of America

Build a bear was something Olivia wanted to do long before the trip. She saved all her pennies and dollars to get enough money to buy a bear. The set up was pretty neat. There were bins full of animals for the kids to choose form.

To work here you really have to love kids and have a sense of playfulness about you. The girl helping Noah and Olivia did a great job. She stayed with them thru the entire experience, helping them to dress the creations and make their birth certificates at the end.

The cutest part was the box of hearts laying next to the 'stuffing' machine. Since they laid in the box the kids needed to shake them all around to wake them up. They rubbed them on their ears so they would be listening hearts, rubbed them on their elbows (funny bones) so they would be light hearted. She had them dance all around so they would be gleeful. It was so cute. When all done she had the kids drop them inside the animal.

At the very end before dressing them they have a 'bath' tub set up with air overhead. The kids step on the pedal and air comes out to fluff the animal. They have brushes there to comb the particles out of their hair after being 'born'. It was a ton of fun for the kids. We enjoyed being a part of that whole process.

They put each one in an easter basket with grass, then put them in a box. They also got some bows for Olivia's cat's ears.

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the best experience.