Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gorilla Stool at Rain Forest Cafe Mall of America

Olivia really got into the gorilla stool. When we took her over to sit on it, she pulled it sideways, underneath was a little stream of water that made it look as if the gorilla had urinated on the floor. She wrinkled up her nose and pointed, whispering to me that she couldn't believe the gorilla had done that, they needed to teach him to NOT DO THAT!!!!!!!!

The gorilla stool was REALLY heavy for a 5 year old, she struggled to push him back around facing the counter, as she did,I leaned over to help her when I heard her say to the gorilla, "you better not P**p here!!!!!!!!!!!!" It was so funny, the look on her face and the way that she said it. I thought at that moment how she looked like her mom when Karen tells them not to do something. It was priceless!!!!

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supermom said...

priceless moment for sure.