Saturday, March 27, 2010

Eye Exam and New Glasses

I hate to step out of my comfort zone and change. I had to get new eyeglasses. My eyes are definitely giving me issues due to my astigmatism. It's a real nuisance. My eye has tilted, making it hard for me to see any fine print at all. My eye muscles are continually trying to compensate and adjust so I can focus. It leaves me with headaches and fatigue.

I had to get 3 new pair of glasses. 1 pair for work so I can wear them while working on the computer. 1 pair for the torch so I can melt glass and make beads. The other pair is my every day pair.

I had to go to a new eye Dr. because my old one didn't take my insurance. What a difference insurance makes. I just got it in January. It was going to be $10 for all of it, exam, glasses and everything else. I have such a bad prescription they said I needed some special something lens wise, so I got them. It would have been $221, but I only paid $50.......SCORE! I have not paid $60 for eyeglasses ever! It is generally $300+.

So with the money I saved.......I got Isaac a new comorter, shams, decorative pillows, etc. for his room. He didn't really like the girlie things I had in there.

If you are new here, be sure to search for recipe, I have about 80 of them on this blog.


supermom said...

no Pictures?????? huh huh??? c'mon G'ma!

Cindy said...

It takes 12 days to get them back.....maybe I'll take pictures with all 3 pairs..