Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter at my Sister's house

We stuffed eggs on Friday night at Michelle's house. Michelle is one of the twins my mother gave birth to, she had 2 sets, a set of twin girls, Dianne Louise and Deanne Lillian, middle names are a combination of my paternal and maternal grandmothers. Dianne after Louise Coates, Deanne after Lillian Anderson. Both wonderful people in their own rights. Here are photos of the egg stuffing:

Today, the festivities were fun for the kids, they flew kites, hunted eggs in the yard, and jumped on the neighbor's trampoline, and rode their go-cart around the yard all day long:

Michelle is the kind of Mom I wish I had, or was, she lets her kids have pets that I would have never let mine have, she is pretty laid back, and fun to have around, this is the pet, never did catch it's name, but it sure is a cute little thing:

I came home to find that my little sister's ex husband has made the news. It appears he got himself into some kind of trouble with meth possession or use.........which is why he is her EX, and has escaped our local county jail. Funny thing is, the county sherriff's dept. and the local police are so inept, he is probably at his mother's house sitting on her sofa. They haven't apprehended him and brought him back. Go figure, they probably knocked on his mom's door and asked if she has seen him, and she told them no.............this from the woman that has bailed him out of numerous situations. GEESH! He only has 2 places to go, his mother's or his new wife's home. If he isn't there, one of them is hiding him. He'll get put back in jail, get his wrist slapped, get out and do it all over again. Makes me crazy.

This is my little Niece Katie, we call her 411, she'll tell you everything she knows, from the minute she saw you last until today, she cracks me up. She got some kind of weird teeth (I know, can you say REDNECK?) in her Easter basket, and had to show them to me................pretty funny:

Next, a family gathering isn't the same without Bob, he is sound asleep in this photo at the end of the table, snoring, sounds like a miniature buzz saw, funny funny, we sure pick on the poor guy:

Anyway, a good time was had by all, the kids went away with way more candy than they needed, but the sure enjoyed their time. And so did the adults. This is my sister Michelle clowning around with my sister Deanne, who knows what this was all about, but Michelle wanted to know if she could see her tonsils, I think it is just sick and wrong, but it was pretty funny:


supermom said...

is that a mouse? yikes, i don't think so.

JEN said...

ummm MISS CINDY.....your blog needs watered! (Ha ha - I have no room to talk!)