Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter Dinner is in 2 hours

I got the jello jiggler eggs started on Thursday night, it takes 4 packages of jello and 2 1/2 c. of water to make one batch. In order to get certain colors, I had to get the regular jello. What a difference, it will make 13 eggs, the sugar free only makes 8. I got an entire bowl of eggs done and decided to not make any more.

Got the tortellini salad made on Saturday, the flavors have to 'marry' overnight, so I did that. Decided to make deviled eggs, so I did a batch of them last night, the 3# can of beans cooked on low all night in the crock pot for baked beans, which is the way my hubby likes them, slow cooked with molasses, brown sugar, onion, hickory smoke flavoring and bacon. I also made green jello with pears, cream cheese, and pecans in it, this has been a salad I have made my whole entire married life (32 yrs in Aug.) for almost every family gathering. Sometimes they eat a ton of it, sometimes nobody eats a bite, but they request that I bring it. I have an old joke I tell the family. Jello isn't something we eat, it is something we HAVE at a dinner. haha.

My daughter called to tell me the stuff I sent them for Easter was a hit. Olivia carried around her fruit stripe gum, sniffing it and asking for a piece every 5 minutes! Noah put on his crocs, his visor and his sunglasses I sent. They crack me up. She said watching them find Easter eggs was pretty cute.

I went to my sister's on Friday night to stuff the plastic eggs for the Easter Egg hunt at her house today. There will be about 20+ kids there, we had so much fun stuffing eggs. It is a hoot, they buy a bunch more eggs each year, and then complain how many we have.............typical! HAHA, got to love them.

Well, I have a turkey to carve and gravy to make, Have a Happy Easter.

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JEN said...

I have to tell you that I ordered some of the egg molds! Thanks for the link to the website!!! I used to have the molds back in the day - but who knows where they are now but I loved making them (and eating them of course!)