Friday, April 13, 2007

Water and Fertilizer (care and feeding of the blog)

I wanted to stop by quick and say I am working 5am-5 or 6pm, on a dead run, all week. I want to get home and rest, so I can go see my sis in her sing-off at Karaoke tonight, she is up to be a top runner out of 6 people. I love to hear her sing, and don't miss an opportunity if I can go hear her sing. I love that girl's voice.

I am so looking forward to the weekend, I am going to help the baby sister find a couch. Any excuse to go to the Furniture Mart, I will take it. I need a new floor lamp, may look for one of those.

Sent my daughter 3 cricut cartridges for her 30th B-Day:

I also got her this knife I found at the housewares store, I got me one and I love it. It is small and sharp, a good sub for the large knife I normally use.

I'll let you know how the karaoke contest goes tonight. I hope she wins, she is THAT good.

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JEN said...

You crack me up! You had me laughing about the comment you left on my blog!!
Go MICHELLE!!! Yay!!! I hope she wins - because I'm assuming if she does win, she will go on and sing somewhere else and then maybe I can watch her! I haven't ever heard her sing before!