Monday, April 2, 2007

This and That

I won a bead on ebay, when it arrived it is the coolest thing, but the top was broke off, here is a photo, I emailed the person that made it, I am sure she will make it right, but what a bummer:

I made another pie, this one is an apple, just plain apple, no caramel. The crust is store bought, I have never used it before, but got some the time I made chicken pot pies. It works so nice, and has the audacity to taste good, too. It's not as good as homemade, but it is good anyway, and so convenient. The boys enjoyed it:

Then, I never did post pictures of my lamps I got at TJ Maxx, my favorite discount store. My end tables in my bedroom have a marble-ish looking top, I got them at Mrs. B's, and I love them. We got them on a great clearance. They look fancy schmancy, but really aren't. The lamps were just sitting there when I wandered into TJ Maxx, just like they knew I was wanting new lamps. I hate to buy lamps, I think they are way overpriced. SO, imagine my delight when I got two for the price I was willing to pay for one.

Our bead show was yesterday, it was fun, I got to see my friend from South Dakota. I love to look at her beads, she makes the coolest shapes out of plain colors. They are whimsical. I love whimsical. I don't know how she gets so much done, she had a TON of beads on her table. She is disciplined, I think, much more so than I am. She'll be joining us for a class that will be taught in my friend Sandy's studio in Omaha. That class will take place over Mother's Day weekend. I can't wait to take this one. But, I love to take them all!

Oh, and I found the book: "Fancy Nancy and The Posh Puppy" for my grand daughter's Easter basket, I am so excited to give it to her. They are the cutest books, I love the illustrations in them. Again, they are whimsical.

My calendar quotes:
Sat/Sun: "Children need love, especially when they do not deserve it." Harold S. Hulbert

Monday April 2nd: "I refuse to admit I'm more than 52, even if that does make my sons illegitimate." Lady Nancy Astor


JEN said...

I'm sorry I missed your show!!! I wasn't feeling up to par this weekend (yucky sore throat and stuffy nose) so I thought I should stay home and rest, so I was in my pj's the whole weekend. I want to go to your next one - so keep me informed of when it is going to be!

JEN said...

PS- TJ Maxx is the BOMB! I love that store! I think you took Karen and I shopping there years ago -

grandmacarnes said...

It's OK, Jen, I wondered where you were, lots of folks I knew showed up, we had a ton of fun, like always. Cindy

supermom said...

no caramel? that is the best part. the lamps are super coo.l. love them.