Thursday, April 19, 2007


I seem to be working all the time right now. I am working on a new project at my job, it is exciting new technology, and I love doing it. I have a ton of things coming up that I need to work on, and I come home drop dead tired all the time.

I have a show in Kansas City on May 5th I need to get ready for.

Then I will have a class with a wonderful bead maker named Kate Fowle Meleney the next weekend, May 11, 12, 13, 14.

The following weekend I am making pies for my little sister Michelle's party. She has invited people to the "Fly Swat Saloon." Her metal outbuilding will be converted to a saloon, with all kinds of fun things to play, like slot machines, and prizes. Each person is to dress in period clothing, it should be a ton of fun. She and Jason have pretty active imaginations. I plan to go and let my hair down.

I have been invited to a "RED HAT" dinner on the 25th, too. I am excited, the ladies are all a hoot.

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