Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Grandma Quotes are piling up!

April 27th: women who outlive their daughters are orphans, Abuela tells me. Only their granddaughters can save them, guard their knowledge like the first fire. Cristina Garcia

April 28th&29th: Never have children, only grandchildren. Gore Vidal

April 30th: One Generation plants trees, another gets the shade. Chinese Proverb (How true, I drive by my old house and see the wonderful trees we planted shading the front porch where we loved to sit, but it was hot as ever at night, with the sun beating down on it! It grew wonderful hanging baskets of flowers, though)

May 1st: Grandmas are antique little girls. Old saying

We did a surprise baby shower for a girl here at work yesterday on our lunch break. She is having a little girl. Both of her children are little boys. Her youngest little boy's name is Noah. He is so cute. Almost as cute as my Noah! HA! Anyway, I had a ball buying little things. I got her a big box that had neat rattles in it, Noah's favorite books: The very hungry caterpillar, The pocket sized Dr. Seuss book: ABC, and the 5 little ladybugs (this one isn't Noah's favorite, but I love it, so cute). When she gives birth, I am getting her the Fancy Nancy books and another little outfit, just to have an excute to buy another one. Then a cute little pink outfit, and pink socks. She got so many cute little things. I struggled over this one little outfit, and decided not to buy it. Imagine my surprise when another of my co-workers got it for her instead. The girls even got her hubby to talk on a video tape about how he loved her and couldn't wait to hold his little girl in his arms for the first time. It was really neat. She cried, of course. HORMONES are a booger during those last months. HA! She left our organization awhile back to pursue another job. Hated that job, quit it in a few months, then waited until they posted her old position here, re-applied and came right back. I am sure glad she did, she is a great girl. Fun to work with, knowledgeable, and sweet. I enjoy her personality.

Well, got to get to work. My vendor is in from Salt Lake City. He and I are working hard to get my new application ready for our go-live. It is exciting, but exhausting, too. tata for now.

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supermom said...

man, when is this project gonna be over. i need my mama again. geesh.