Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Oh, my life is so busy right now. I am getting ready for a bead show in Kansas City this weekend. I got a GPS unit for our vacation, been trying to learn how to use it before we go to VA. I had to do an update immediately when I got home to the system. The instruction booklet does not tell you that a different SD card should be inserted into the GPS prior to the download. So, I called Bass Pro where we purchased it, I got the SD card out of my camera. I took some photos off the card. This was done to open up enough memory on the SD card for the download, I got an error message I needed 2 more mb........UGH! I had so much fun looking at the photos of the Halloween party at Michelle's, it took twice as long to do the download.

Got the uploads done to the SD card, put it in the gps unit and did the download, but it made me think that I should share the photos from the Halloween party with you some day soon.

I will be off to KC this weekend for the bead show, it is so much fun each year to reconnect with old friends. We eat at wonderful places and laugh our heads off. What a great group of friends, they put up with me! I don't know why, unless it is for the laughs.


Anonymous said...

Cindy, have fun at the bead show this weekend. I'm sorry I missed your birthday, but it was great to read about the surprise party everyone gave you. You're so cool! You're smart, too. How in the world did you learn so much about computers? It's a real advancement for me to accidently figure out how to comment on this!
Love you! Karen

grandmacarnes said...

I love you, too, Karen and wish I could see you more often. I am looking for shows close to you, I have mapquested some of the sites you mentioned. It would just be fun for Steve and I to meet you and Rick for a weekend in Grand Island, or Kearney and visit. Did you see the photos of my Noah witht he snake? CREEPY!