Thursday, April 2, 2009

Update on Ron

Ron had a filter placed today to keep him from throwing a blood clot. He'll be on the ventilator until Monday or Tuesday. His vitals are stable, he's being fed enterally, or by a tube inserted in his mouth. They are also giving him liquid vitamins.

I'm pleased with the care he's receiving, the nurses are not overworked, they are staffed in a way that allows them to do their job and interact with family. That was one of the complaints I had when I left the floor, nurses can't be nurses because you have a 'bottom line' to consider.

Computers are my friend. I'll stop by and check on him tomorrow. I've been going every day, of course, but too busy to update. Thank you all for your prayers, kind words, text messages and calls. The prayers are felt, believe me.

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Cheryl said...

Good update. That ventilator has to be so hard to deal with, but at least it's coming out. I really hope he continues to improve.