Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Winter, Winter, go away, come again another day

I am tired of winter............the cold, the snow, the rain. It is April 7th and 22 degrees, with wind and rain and blowing snow. ????? Spring started a week or two ago, but I don't see it, did somebody forget to tell her it's time to come?

I talked to my little grandson who's 5 on Sunday, he mostly talked to Grandpa, for an hour! He was telling us it would snow, snow, snow, and rain and rain. He'd had snow fights with his mom, and made snow angels, but he didn't like the snow anymore, it worses him out. ???? I repeated that back to him, "It worses you out??" Noah::: "Yeah, and my mom, too!" How cute is that? I laughed and laughed over that. In his little boy way he was trying to tell me he had way more snow than he had activities to make it fun anymore and he was so over it.

My son in law says when Noah does his prayers at night, he remembers to pray for sunshine and summer. Isn't that cute, just in case God forgot that he was supposed to switch out the seasons for us.


Dirtbikes and Divas said...

oh Noah puts it perfectly!! It is definately worsing me out too!!! Is it too much to ask? When we Easter dress shop the options aren't long sleeve with knit tights everything is sleeveless.......UGH!!

supermom said...

maybe God, DID forget about us. sigh.