Saturday, September 26, 2009

Boo Bag preparation

I love to do the Boo Bags at Halloween. This year Wal-Mart had items for the back to school college kids in orange, purple and lime green. It lends itself to Halloween. I couldn't wait for the bowls to go on sale. I got some liquid paint writers and went to town.

I'll put the Wilton Pretzel Melt mold in the bowl along with the candy melts, a plastic bottle and a bag of pretzels.

I like to toss in kitchen towels and some gummi candies especially made for Halloween.

The boo bags are a tradition in the little Midwestern town where my daughter lives. The bag is left on your door with a cute little poem along with a picture of 2 ghosts. You copy the poem and the ghost picture x2. You hang the ghost picture that came with your boo bag in your window so the neighbors know you have been boo'd. You then take your two pictures, assemble 2 boo bags and drop them off at a neighbors house when they aren't home. If done early enough in Oct. you can see it spread throughout town.

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Brandy said...

these are so much fun, we had the whole town of Tabor boo'd by halloween last year!