Monday, October 26, 2009

Kids were here....

It's really late, the kids were here to visit........I finally got the photos rotated. I am kinda tired. Tomorrow night I have a hair appt. Then maybe my life will get back to normal.

Miss O always singing, dancing and entertaining us.......she's going to grow up to be the bestest singer, EVER!..........or so she says!!!

My Noah Benoah, content to play with his GI Joes or Star Wars....

Miss O loves to be in the center of attention.

Miss O loves our whirlpool tub.

Here I am in the backyard of the haunted hotel:

Steve on the back porch of The Crescent Hotel:

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supermom said...

you need to rotate your pics. that is all you have to say. the kids were here. BORING! :O)