Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Random Photos

I made treats for the Arkansas Bus Tour. Rice Krispie treats were for me and Steve, the gooey nut bars for Jim and Joyce. Jim must not have trusted me because he brought candy bars!!!:

The rest are photos from the trip, the train, the view from our balcony in Mt. Magazine Lodge. It was fun and I am so glad I got to go with Jim and Joyce, we met great people on the trip!

Downtown shopping, they had a little park, so cute. Just down the street from the Crescent Hotel.

Waterfall in front of the Mt. Magazine Lodge

View from our balcony at Mt. Magazine Lodge. The bus tour is the way to go, we stay in nicer places than Steve and I normally pick! HAHA

Steve and I on the train leaving Van Buren, Arkansas

Nice old train has been restored. It was considered very high class back in the day. I believe it was an 1886 train.

Sam Walton's daughter, Alice is building an art center featuring American Art called Crystal Bridges. When finished Steve and I would like to return. She's buying paintings for more than $32M to put in this structure.

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supermom said...

were you and dad the youngest one's there? hee hee ha ha. the old folks are all sleeping on the train. too funny!