Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Marlsgate Plantation!!!

I think for me the highlight of the trip was the plantation we just went to visit today, Mr. G. is the host, he fed us the most amazing southern "Dinner" of ham, rice, sweet potatoes, green beans and homemade dinner rolls.

His hospitality is unrivaled, Steve enjoyed the finery in the home as much as I did. There are at least 3 generations of beautiful linens, dishes, lighting, furniture, etc. HE was most gracious in opening his home and acres to the bus tour. We would love to come back and see how it is all done.

His mother and his brother were there to assist in serving the noon meal, running the gift shop and welcoming us to their home. It was so much fun.

Tonight is a tour of the USS Razorback Submarine and a dinner boat ride. We're looking forward ot it, we are at the presidential Holiday Inn in LIttle Rock, it is impeccably spotless.

Last night we stayed in Mt. Magazine Lodge, in a state park, the only thing I have ever stayed in that was more beautiful for a lodge area was Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone National park.

I am dreading the end of this week. It has been great spending time with Jim and Joyce and the others on the bus. There are about 10 or 12 people from our area that we know that are on the bus, it has been fun.

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supermom said...

so happy you are having a 'fabulous" time.