Saturday, February 13, 2010

Andrea Guarino From Tucson

After I got all the things I wanted, I felt like "I WON!!" I'd been wanting these things for quite some time so I indulged myself, which I rarely do. The one thing I can't find a photo of is the long pendant holder I got from her, it is quite unique.

The moth wing photo is on her tutorial, but I purchased the BEAD, I already had the tutorial and the opportunity for her to teach the technique in Omaha when she was here. It is great to see her do that bead, it's one I've always loved. The galaxy bead I purchased has been cored. I just take lousy photos, so I weblifted her photos for my blog. (sorry Andrea)

The little silver beads fit on the pendant so nicely, I've always wanted them too. So I got me some.

The SEA URCHIN......that one is wishful thinking on my part, (didnt' buy it but wanted you to see it) I had never seen one in person but I wanted one so bad. I was feeling guilty after leaving her booth for spending all the money I did because I also got a Jim Moore tool. WHEW! It was fun and I intend to shop like that in another favorite's booth in the future. I hit Dolly Ahles' booth at Bead and Button..........I'm slowly making my way to the booths I want to hit. It just takes more $$$ each time. I can't control myself sometimes! And all Steve does is encourage me!!!!

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supermom said...

wow, those are so pretty!